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Products & Services


Freshly prepared on site at our weekly farmers' markets, try our take on Beijing's most popular street food, jianbing!

The batter of our Chinese inspired breakfast crepes are made with mung beans, corn meal, and a mix of whole wheat flours. Fresh eggs are cracked directly into the crepe, which are then filled with scallions, cilantro, a flavorful bean sauce, lettuce, crispy fried wontons, and optional red braised pork topping. 



*temporarily on hiatus

Enjoy our rotating selection of farm fresh, ready to cook meals, available for pick up at our weekly market locations!

These meals are delicious, easy meal options for when you need a quick bite to eat, without the pain of creating a recipe from scratch. 

Our noodle meals simply require you to boil the noodles and mix the rest of the ingredients in... its as simple as that! 

Our other meals are generally heat and serve. Follow the simple instructions available on our website, and enjoy a globally-inspired, homemade meal in minutes. Preorder online before we sell out!


Mapp'd caters private and corporate events for groups of 10-50 people. Our personalized catering menus feature locally sourced ingredients from farms and other businesses in and around Washington, DC. We provide you and your guests the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest food available. To inquire about our services, please contact us directly.

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Private Dinners

Mapp'd offers private dinners that are hosted in the comfort of your own home. We personalize our dinner menus to meet your needs, while remaining committed to providing you with the most delicious internationally inspired and locally sourced foods. Click the button below for our sample menus, and please to contact us to talk details!

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"Taste of..."  Group Dinners

Mapp'd's interactive dinners feature regional specialties from around the globe. As part of our "Taste of..." series, you will be able to enjoy foods from China, Fiji, and Greece, among others, in the company of friends and family. Click below to learn more about our unique menus and how you can enjoy an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind meal!

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Cooking Club

Have you ever folded a dumpling? Or hand-pulled a noodle? If you enjoy hands-on learning, these cooking classes are for you. Gear up for a class where you will make incredibly delicious, internationally inspired treats!

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Farmers' Markets 

Find us at the following farmers market locations each week:


Mount Pleasant Farmers Market


FreshFarm DuPont Circle Farmers Market

Farmers Market Anchor
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