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Introducing the Mapp'd Cooking Club!

Hi everyone!

Costa Verde, Lima, Peru 2018

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Katie and I first joined the team working at the Petworth Market, and now I am at the Bethesda Market (come say hi!). From the moment I joined the Mapp’d team I fell in love with the work that Dani (our founder and chef) is doing. Internationally inspired delicious food ready to cook at home? Over 100 different dishes in the last year alone... What is there not to love!!

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Cooking Club

The Mapp’d Cooking Club is going to be a monthly recurring class, where we feature different cuisines every month.

More than a class it is going to be a club. We are going to invite local restaurant owners, chefs, cookbook authors, and fellow vendors at the markets to come and be featured during different months. We’re also going to learn from each other and from different cuisines and cultures.

Before each month’s class, we will package up all the ingredients -- locally and regionally sourced fruits, vegetables, and proteins, international specialty ingredients, and locally produced specialty foods -- that you need for that month’s cuisines, so you don’t have to run to a million different international and specialty grocery stores to find the right ingredients. We will package it all up, give you enough to make leftovers or to use in other dishes, and bring the box to your local farmer’s market.

It will be easy and fun! We want you to learn how to cook with amazing ingredients, and forge a community through cooking!

The Mapp’d Cooking club is just starting out, but it will launch in April. If you are interested in being kept up to date, sign up for our newsletter or filling out this quick survey!

We will be posting more as our launch date approaches! Many exciting things to come!

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