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taste of dinner menus

Taste of Sichuan

Dinner and Dumplings

Fold your own dumplings and enjoy our hot and numbing, Sichuanese inspired meal.


Crushed Cucumber Salad

Cucumber. Garlic. Chili.

Chili Noodles

Fresh noodles. Crushed Chili Sauce.


Mapo Tofu

Tofu. Fermented Chili Paste.


Dry-Fried String Beans

String Beans. Chili sauce.

Homemade Tea Ice Cream

Black Tea. Condensed Milk. Mint.



Tuna. Coconut Cream. Lime. Chili.


Taroro Fish

Snapper. Coconut. Banana Leaf.


Crispy Cassava


Passion Fruit Squares

Passion Fruit. Butter Crust.


Assorted Tropical Fruits

Taste of the Tropics

Fijian Fish and Taroro

Try taroro, an extremely rare fermented coconut sauce from the island of Rotuma, Fiji, and fold your own fish inside a banana leaf!

Taste of Hunan

Spicy, Spicier, Spiciest

Check your spice tolerance with this Hunanese inspired meal. Try your hand at rolling your own noodles while enjoying a spicy feast!


Small Bites

Wood-Ear Mushroom Salad. Cucumber Salad.

Fried Peanut.

Hunan Style Dumplings

Egg. Chive. Ginger.


Lotus Root

Lotus Root. Garlic. Pickled Chili.

Chinese Broccoli Tips

Garlic Sauce.


Chili Fish and Soy Fish

Whole Snapper. Pickled Chilies.

Pineapple-Coconut Ice Cream

Passion fruit Sauce. Fresh Fruit.



Greek Salad with Feta

Tomato. Cucumber. Pepper. Feta.



Spinach. Feta. Dill. Phyllo.


Orzo. Tomato. Olive Oil.


Lemon Garlic Roast Chicken

Drumsticks. Lemon. Dill. Garlic.



Semolina. Custard. Phyllo.

Taste of Greece

Flavors of Tinos

Learn the trick to a perfect spanakopita pie with this fresh and bright Greek inspired meal.

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