Our Story

Welcome to Mapp'd, DC's locally sourced, globally inspired foods company. You may

wonder, what exactly does Mapp'd mean? To us, Mapp'd  represents an experience, a feeling...


Think back to a time you stepped out of your comfort zone... maybe you were taking a road trip, embarking on a challenging new hike, or traveling to another country. Do you remember that feeling of pure excitement, adrenaline, and joy? The energy inside of you when you are about to go on an adventure? That feeling where you don't know exactly where you are going, but you are sure it is going to be exciting? That is Mapp'd - the experience of ending up anywhere in the world, anywhere on a map, and the energy you feel along the way.

Our Mission

Mapp'd builds a bridge - connecting our love and passion for flavors and textures from around the world with locally sourced and sustainably grown ingredients. 


Through our unique lineup of internationally inspired foods, we seek to expand palettes and celebrate the diversity of flavor, all while supporting small scale farmers in the region.  At Mapp'd, we embrace the adventurous and don't shy away from the unfamiliar. 

The Beginning

Inherently curious and ready for an adventure, Dani Karnoff embarked on the ultimate journey in 2010. She moved to the South Pacific and lived with local families in Samoa and Fiji for more than two years. She learned all she could about local food traditions and how critical those customs were to preserving island culture for future generations.

Her travels and food explorations continued from there - taking her throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and South America, eating local food all along the way. Through these experiences, she developed a hunger and a palette for unique, regional specialties, made by locals for locals.

Upon settling in DC, Dani worked at regional farmers' markets - selling pickles and learning about the benefits of fermentation, eating locally, and sustainable food systems.


When trying to replicate delicious and flavorful foods she enjoyed while traveling, Dani realized she could utilize local ingredients, and support local farmers, all while featuring the phenomenal flavors found in cuisines from around the world.  


With that spirit, she began hosting small dinners for her friends and family to recreate the foods from her travels. The food was an instant hit and inspired her to start her first company, Mapp'd! 


Learn more about Mapp'd, and stay updated on our happenings, tips, and cooking tricks. 


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